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My name is Philip Nowak and I am the Founder of Firmology, a small business news and information media company. Growing up in a small business family, I can personally relate to the day-to-day difficulties in running a small business.  It is this experience that led me to launch my very own small business, Firmology.com.

My goal is to use Firmology as a real-time case study and information resource for other small business owners who are eager to learn how they too can leverage these rapidly emerging technologies within their business.  Want to know the best part?  We’re a small business just like you.  We’ll be learning about innovative companies, products and services along with you.  We’ll make, acknowledge and learn from our mistakes, while simultaneously showcasing our successes.  We’re excited to innovate our business and hope you are ready to get started!

Firmology is a small business news and information media company focused on small business innovation.  Our goal is to help small business owners innovate their business and learn how to leverage emerging technologies in order to successfully drive their business forward.

Firmology provides small business owners with a variety of helpful resources including how to guides, case studies, strategy sessions, glossaries, book reviews and more.  Additionally, Firmology strives to keep you up-to-date with breaking news, interviews, editorials as well as the latest information on new products and services to help you innovate your small business.

Firmology defined: the study of business
Firm [noun] a company or business
Ology [suffix] the study of (a particular subject)

About The Author

Philip Nowak is the founder of Firmology, technology focused news and insight for small businesses and online startups. He honed his entrepreneurial chops while working for his family’s Chicago-based window manufacturing business. Philip graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Economics.