Meet The Company Whose Innovative Slam Dunk Enhancing Sneakers Were Banned By the NBA

From performance-enhancing drugs to corked bats to the ridiculous-sounding deer antler spray, professional sports are filled with ultra-competitive athletes looking for that extra edge.  It’s this same drive to step up their game that led twin brothers, Adam and Ryan Goldston, to launch Athletic Propulsion Labs in 2009 during their senior year at the University of Southern California.  Frustrated by their lack of height, the two lifelong athletes and self-proclaimed fitness fanatics partnered with a product development engineer to develop the “Load N’ Launch” propulsion device.  This internationally patented technology fits within the front portion of a basketball sneaker’s sole, increasing an athlete’s vertical leap by 3.5 inches.

This “unfair competitive advantage” was the reason that the National Basketball Association, in October of 2010, cited for banning the company’s sneakers from being used by their players.  News of the NBA’s ban made headlines and sales took off (no pun intended), selling more sneakers in the first 7 days after the ban was announced than in the previous month.  The brothers, whose dad, Mark Goldston, is the listed inventor of the L.A. Gear lighted footwear and Reebok Pumps, now have their sights set on creating faster running shoes.

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