How to Use Facebook to Find Employees for Your Small Business

We’ve stressed the importance of small business owners establishing a presence on LinkedIn several times here on Firmology, especially for recruiting purposes.  While it makes sense that business owners leverage the #1 social networking site for business professionals, more and more small business owners and recruiters are using Facebook to find employees.  For many, it’s a sheer numbers game as LinkedIn has over 120 million members compared to Facebook’s 800 million members.

Here are 5 Tips for How to Use Facebook to Find Employees for Your Small Business:

1) Professional Networking Apps

First and foremost, Facebook is a social network and not a professional network like LinkedIn, so Facebook itself has only focused on its core business of your personal social graph and not developing recruiting tools for business.  Instead, many 3rd party application developers have stepped up to the plate to fill this void by developing recruiting apps such as BranchOut, RecruiterConnect and Jobvite.  Each of these apps offers different features for small business owners and recruiters interested in posting resumes, posting jobs or search the work experience of Facebook users for compatibility for available job opportunities.

2) Employee Referrals

The easiest and fastest way to leverage Facebook for recruiting purposes is to just ask your employees to post job openings on their Facebook and approach any friends they think might be a great fit.  After all, that’s how social networking is supposed to work.  The Wall Street Journal’s Shayndi Rice makes a great point in that you should reward your employees for referring a new hire with cold hard cash in exchange for access to their social network.

3) No Spam

Spamming your social network with endless job postings and connection requests will annoy your friends.  Keep your posts to a minimum or, at the very least, try to vary the content to make it interesting.  Writing a blog post about a hot topic in your industry and then mentioning that you have a related job opening is a great way to mix it up.

4) Professional Etiquette

Be sure to follow the same professional etiquette on Facebook, or any social networking platform for that matter, as you would in-person.  If you wouldn’t approach someone about making a connection in the offline world, it’s not appropriate to approach them in the online world.

5) Allow Facebook at Work

If you use Facebook to find an employee for your small business, why would you ban it in the office?  That’s hypocritical and kills the moral of the next generation of employees who grew up with social networking ingrained in their daily lives.  They’ll end up checking Facebook on their smartphone anyway, so it’s best to allow it in the workplace and even challenge your staff to find interesting ways for the company to use it for business…. like finding employees for open job opportunities.

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