MediaGraph’s New Feature Lets Businesses Monitor Competitor Media Mentions

MediaGraph, the London-based tech startup that lets small businesses manage their own PR, has launched Competitor Analysis, new feature that any savvy business owner would appreciate.

Competitor Analysis lets small businesses monitor the media mentions of their competitors. The Competitor Analysis dashboard is split into three sections: a 7-day line graph showing the number of media mentions of each of your competitors, a press mentions vs. blog mentions bar graph, and a summarized breakdown of each media mention.

Each media mention has a little “Add to Mediagraph” button in the top-right corner, which a business can click to notify MediaGraph that this is a journalist they would like to add to their MediaGraph account for future pitch opportunities.

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Written by Philip Nowak

Philip Nowak is the founder of Firmology, a small business news and information media company focused on helping small business owners grow their business through technology and innovation. You can find Philip on Google+Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Philip Nowak is the founder of Firmology, technology focused news and insight for small businesses and online startups. He honed his entrepreneurial chops while working for his family's Chicago-based window manufacturing business. Philip graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Economics.