MediaGraph Introduces Notifications and Click Tracking to Measure PR Pitches to Journalists


MediaGraph forces the hand of journalists with new notifications and click tracking, empowering small business owners and PR professionals with information to help craft a finer pitch.

Getting in touch with journalists can seem impossible, especially when every email goes unanswered making one wonder if they ever received it. MediaGraph, a small business PR management platform, hopes to change that feeling of uncertainty with the introduction of notifications and click-tracking.

With MediaGraph’s new integration with their email provider, small businesses and PR professionals will be able to see detailed analytics on who opened their email and who clicked on the link within. This information is then stored within the activity section on each person’s journalist’s profile page on MediaGraph.

Nicholas Holmes, MediaGraph co-founder and a former journalist, acknowledges in his latest blog post that the new functionality walks the fine line between invasion of privacy and increasingly standard email list provider transparency.

As a journalist, I have mixed feelings about this kind of functionality, although I note that it’s become available in some other pieces of software out there. On the one hand, it’s an invasion of my privacy, a violation of my personal right to deal with my inbox privately and deal with things as I see fit without feeling like someone’s looking over my shoulder. On the other, I can see that it will bring tremendous value to PR professionals and will save me dealing with countless “did you see my email?” emails, because… Well, you’ll know.

While it may be disconcerting for journalists and bloggers to know their email activity is being tracked, small business owners and PR professionals shouldn’t worry about this. Transparency and disruptive trends evolve over time, so business professionals should take advantage of the tools available to them. As Holmes mentions later in his blog post, “this is increasingly standard functionality, used by mailing list providers across the internet to build up a better profile of their list database.”

Another new feature worth mentioning is the ability to add private notes on the front of a journalist’s profile page. Not a breakthrough feature, but definitely convenient.

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Written by Philip Nowak

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