I’m Mari Luangrath, Founder of Foiled Cupcakes, and This Is How I Power My Business

How I Power My Business
By Mari Luangrath of Foiled Cupcakes

Mari Luangrath is the founder of Foiled Cupcakes, a Chicago-based online order, wholesale and personal delivery cupcake service. Foiled Cupcakes
has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Crain’s Chicago Business, Investor’s Business Daily, Chicago Tribune, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Reuters, NBC, and WGN.

What apps, software, service or gadgets are essential to the operations of your business?

37signals Apps: Highrise, Backpack, Basecamp
Authorize.net and Chase Paymentech for payment
Wordpress to run our site (although this will be changing soon)
Boomerang for e-mail management and reminders
Google Apps and Dropbox for file sharing
Skype for conference calls with screen sharing
Twitter for driver reporting and new customer generation
Orchestra for To-Do Lists
Omnigraffle for designing any flow (customer experience, back-end design, front end, etc.)

What time-saver or money-saver would you love your fellow small business owners to know about?

Google Labs in Gmail – Undo Send. I’ve sent so many e-mails, looked, and retrieved the e-mail to clarify something or send an attachment that I meant to send. I’ve saved many hours of stress this way, making sure that e-mails are going to the proper recipient, making sure I don’t look like an idiot.

Google Calendar – sharing appointments, sharing specific calendars, assigning tasks – it is a huge time-saver and great way to keep track of everything.

If you find yourself raving about your CRM system, email marketing software, payments platform or other apps, let’s hear it!

I do LOVE Emma E-mail Marketing – they are personable, hands-on, and easygoing. I have a great relationship with my sales account person and we refer each other business frequently!

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About The Author

Mari Luangrath, a California transplant turned lover of Chicago, is the owner of Foiled Cupcakes, the city’s first and only online order and personal delivery cupcake service.