Manage Employees in the Field With Google Maps Coordinate


Google gives business, large and small, another option for dispatching their employees to jobs in the field.

Maximizing the efficiency of a mobile workforce is important for many reasons including resolving issues in a timely manner, keeping customer response rates high and ensuring the bottom line doesn’t spiral out of control. Unfortunately, dispatching employees out into the field can be a logistical nightmare, especially for small businesses that don’t have or can’t afford dispatching software. Workforce management shouldn’t be an issue with Google Maps Coordinate, a cloud-based dispatching service built on top of Google’s industry leading mapping technology.

Here’s How Google Maps Coordinate Works:

  • Realtime Location Visibility. By seeing all workers on a Google Map, including indoor workers using Google Indoor maps, dispatchers can efficiently assign jobs to the nearest team or team member.
  • Job Management. Workers can see the jobs assigned to them via their Android device and check in once they start work.
  • Record Job Details. Workers can see job details and add notes as they progress. All data is saved to the cloud, minimizing the potential for miscommunication or lost information.
  • Custom POIs (Points of Interest). Dispatchers can help workers save time and find the exact location of the job by adding extra information such as the location of facilities and areas to avoid.
  • Job and Location History. Over time, dispatchers can make better workforce management decisions by seeing exactly how much time each worker takes to complete a job.

Businesses interested in Google Maps Coordinate can sign up for a free 30-day trial, after which the cost is $20 per user per month for a twelve month contract.

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