I’m Randall Cross, Founder of Ethervision, and This Is How I Power My Business


Firmology’s How I Power My Business series profiles the technology small business owners use to run and grow their business.

How I Power My Business
By Randall Cross of Ethervision

Randall Cross is the founder of Ethervision, a Chicago-based mobile application development and marketing company. Ethervision developed 3 of the first 50 apps for the launch of the App Store in 2008. Since then, Ethervision’s apps have been featured 27 times by Apple on the homepage of the App Store and they have put 6 apps in the top 100 ranked overall (out of 700,000).

What apps, software, service or gadgets are essential to the operations of your business?

  • Trello.com for idea and project management. We never could get into Basecamp. Trello is for the more visual minded.
  • WordPress, WordPress, WordPress for our ever-evolving website. We are huge fans and have been using it for about 5 years.
  • Dropbox for file sharing.
  • Google Drive and Google Hangout for client meetings and joint collaboration.
  • Twitter @iPhoneTeam to help drive massive awareness and reach to our apps, our website and our partners apps. We just crossed 300,000 followers so check us out.
  • I personally use an old fashioned Franklin Covey day planner for daily notes, jotting app ideas and appointments. Yes, I’m serious. I use apps in just about every category to save time and money, but I can’t give up writing notes on paper.
  • We cannot disclose tools used for refining the app flow and user interface of our apps. You’ll have to be a client to see behind the curtain on that one.

What time-saver or money-saver would you love your fellow small business owners to know about?

  • Mint.com: We use it to “pre-organize” all of our entries. It allows us to classify all costs and income into separate buckets. Once you teach it how to categorize an entry, it remembers them from that point forward. It’s great for planning the future of your business and with one click you can export a perfectly organized excel file to your accountant and she can whip up your balance sheets and cash flow statements in 15 minutes. mmmMint!
  • Scriblist iPhone App – This app saves huge time as we can write on and make notes for each screen of an app then fire it off in an email.
  • Genius Scan Pro – Great for signing documents and saving as PDF on iPhone so you can email to recipient. We’re going to make a better one, but this one is great for now.

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About The Author

Randall Cross is the Founder and President of Ethervision, a Mobile Application Development and Marketing Company.