Gives Small Businesses a Cheap Option For Focus Groups and Consulting Services gives small businesses an alternative to expensive consultants and focus groups.


Small businesses can say goodbye to high-priced consultants with on-demand micro-consultants from For as low as $22, small businesses, startup entrepreneurs, product managers, marketers and other professionals can get 15-minute screencasts or written feedback from experts and targeted users for a variety of consulting service including: usability testing, professional advice, general feedback and idea validation.

Co-founders Amelia Dunne and Chris Bumgardner launched the San Francisco-based tech startup after realizing how time-consuming, costly and difficult it is to find qualified people to validate startup, product or feature ideas. Qualified individuals that would like to get hired as micro-consultants must sign up using their LinkedIn account to validate their current job role, past professional experience, industry and subject expertise.


Here’s How Works:

Create a Survey. Complete a summarized overview of your goals for the task, create survey questions and choose whether you’d like to receive a 15-minute screencast or written answer response.

Target Reviewers. Set the number of micro-consultants you’d like to hire, their pay rate (basic at $22 or expert at $100), and choose from a multitude of targeting options including: job title, industry, location, gender, age, income and computer proficiency.

Get Survey Results. Once you confirm and pay, your survey will be sent to highly-qualified micro-consultants, at which point they can choose to accept or decline. provides a service that’s a small price to pay for professional advice that would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour.

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