New Quora Blogging Platform Gives Businesses a Powerful Marketing & Content Distribution Channel

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Quora, the Silicon Valley-based questions and answer site, has introduced a major new feature release that should have business owners and marketers jumping for joy. Quora members can now create their own blog and write as many blog posts as they’d like.

Why should businesses care about another blogging platform? Due to its unique hybrid business model, the site is very addictive and has a highly engaged audience that votes on the best content, comments, asks and answers questions, and follows topics and people of interest. According to Quora, active writers average 30,000+ monthly views and 350,000+ estimated annual views, which are huge numbers for business owners struggling to make an impact with their business’s blog.

Blogs on Quora are great for people who (1) don’t have a big, established online presence already and (2) don’t want to do the time-intensive, heavy lifting of marketing their blog and slowly building an audience. If you are a good writer but don’t have thousands of Twitter followers or a big audience for your blog, Quora is an ideal place to write. Your blog will be discovered quickly without you having to do any work besides writing. Writing one great post on Quora will attract a big audience, no matter how many people already know or follow you. –Kah Keng Tay, Engineer at Quora

Becoming a well-respected authority within one of Quora’s 300,000 topics provides business owners with many great benefits including increased name recognition, professional networking connections, business opportunities and visibility for their products or services. Not to mention that Quora ranks really well with Google, which can drive sales leads and conversions.

The best part about Quora’s stance on blogs is their active promotion of using the site as another distribution channel to syndicate existing blog content. “Says Kah Keng Tay, “Many bloggers already use Quora boards to re-post their blogs and expand their audience. Blogs on Quora makes this republishing experience even better.” That makes it way easier for business owners worried about how they’re going to fit another active social network and blogging demands into their busy schedules.

Interested business owners can create their blog on Quora here. While there, check out Firmology’s new Quora blog, a well-curated selection of the most popular and interesting posts on Firmology.

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