Google Launches 24/7 Online Support Center For Businesses Using Google Apps


Google launches 24/7 online support center in its quest to get small businesses and enterprise businesses to switch to Google Apps.


Google is rolling out all the stops when it comes to courting small businesses and enterprise businesses. Its latest move is a smart one. Google has launched a 24/7 online support center to help businesses manage and educate their employees on everything there is to know about Google Apps.

Recognizing that one of the barriers for businesses switching to new technology is unfamiliarity and time spent on learning, the new support center has a wealth of information on setup and deployment, administration settings and management, user training, future product releases, and 24/7 technical support.


The Google Apps Online Support Center includes:

  • Setup & deployment: Google Apps setup guides, free 30-day trial offer, user training resources, deployment webinars, migration change management, and Google partner directory.
  • AdministrationThe administration center is a repository for everything a business needs to manage their Google Apps including billing, user management, domain management, mobile device policies, security configuration, and more.
  • Using your appsEmployees can learn tips and tricks, watch videos, and get help from admin assistants. Each Google App has its own training center (Mail, Contacts, Chat, Calendar, Documents, Drive, Sites, Groups)
  • What’s new? Get calendar updates on new feature releases, training resources or webinars.
  • Get supportBusinesses can get technical support through 24/7 online support, 24/7 phone support, email, forums, help center and see the status of Google Apps services.

Interested businesses can check out the Google Apps Online Support Center to learn more.

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