I’m Sri Lakshmi, President and Designer of Silver Parkes, and This is How I Power My Business

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After learning the ropes at her family’s fine jewelry business on Chicago’s Jewelers Row, it was only natural for Sri Lakshmi to follow in their footsteps after a short career in the media industry. Leveraging her rolodex of network news anchors and Hollywood celebrities, Lakshmi started designing one-of-a-kind pieces that quickly gained a following that led to the launch of Silver Parkes in 2011. Lakshmi’s designs have been worn by the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, True Blood’s Carolyn Hennesy, Nip/Tuck’s Dylan Walsh, The Soprano’s Tony Sirico and Franklin and Bash’s Breckin Meyer.

Name: Sri Lakshmi
Title: President and Designer
Business: Silver Parkes
Location: Chicago
Computer: Macbook Pro
Tablet: iPad
Smartphone: iPhone

What’s the story behind your business?

silver-parkes-logoI launched Silver Parkes after I noticed a lack of luxury and affordable jewelry for everyday wear. I grew up in my familyʼs jewelry business (theyʼre in the wholesale industry). I related jewelry to very pricey high-end pieces that for many was unattainable, especially among my peers. There was not much else I could or my friends could go-to for good quality jewelry that we could wear everyday, while grabbing coffee, going out for cocktails and dinner or going to work. I wanted to fill this gap and create designs that I knew would be staple pieces and stand the test of time.

What apps or services are essential to the operations of your business?

What apps, services or gadgets do you recommend to other business owners?

Biggest time-saver(s)?

WiFi! However Iʼm able to get access to it (through my smart phone, laptop, etc), itʼs the number one time-saving essential thatʼs able to allow me to value each minute and keep work tasks moving forward when I need to.

Biggest money-saver(s)?

Start off spreading the word about your business yourself. Before you bring anyone else on board to assist you in doing this, the best resource at the beginning is yourself and your creative ideas!

Favorite mobile app(s)?

Gmail. I have several email addresses that I have to keep up with and a lot of them get forwarded to my Gmail. Relationships are number one for me as a business owner so being there for everyone is my top priority.

Favorite personal app(s)?

The New York Times. It is my favorite newspaper and will always be!

How can others reach you?

Website: https://silverparkes.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sri-lakshmi/9/767/9a6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/silverparkes
Email: info@silverparkes.com

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