I’m Ivana Taylor, Founder of DIYMarketers & Third Force, and This is How I Power My Business

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When it comes to small business marketing, Ivana Taylor is a force, fitting considering her marketing firm is aptly named, Third Force. Ivana’s small business marketing body of work includes: Founder of DIYMarketers and Strategy Stew, DIY Marketing Expert for AmEx Open Forum, DIY Marketing Expert and Book Editor for Small Business Trends, and the Blog Editor and Marketing Advisor for QuestionPro and Survey Analytics. Ivana even ranked #21 out of over 30,000 internet professionals on the Fast Company’s 2010 Influencers Project.

Name: Ivana Taylor
Title: Founder
BusinessDIYMarketers and Third Force
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
SmartphoneiPhone 4s
Computer: MacBook Pro

What’s the story behind your business?

rsz_diymarketers-logoI started Third Force as an industrial marketing firm specializing in helping clients become the obvious choice for their ideal customer.  I started my first blog in 1998 (went nowhere.  I just didn’t get the appeal at first. ) I started Strategy Stew in 2006, that got popular, and then I created DIYMarketers, a publication for small business owners with no marketing department.  DIYMarketers offers practical how to tips and strategies that help your small business look big.

What apps or services are essential to the operations of your business?

I’m not sure I could grow my business without my virtual team which is primarily recruited via oDesk and eLance. I’ve found everyone I hired to be exceptional.

I’ve started using QuickBooks apps and my bank app and my accountant loves me for it! Up until now, I was always forgetting to match the checks to the invoices and after a month or so — it would be a huge mess. Now I’m able to cash and log checks the day they come in! This has been a HUGE time saver.

Other apps I love for my business are:

Basecamp. I manage my team via Basecamp and it’s fantastic.

Mindomo and MindMeister. I use these apps to brainstorm product and service ideas.

Smartsheet is also one of my favorites for collaborating.

Oh, and then there’s QuestionPro, my online survey software and their accompanying app, SurveyPocket, that allows me to ditch the expensive trade show lead collectors. It’s survey software AND a lead generation tool, all for virtually free.

Finally, and this is a new one, SmallBizOpinions. This is super new, it’s an online community of business owners. Think of it as a sort of ask the audience for small business. It’s still in beta, so if you want free data to help run your business, you need to register now (don’t tell them I told you).  (Firmology NoteSmallBizOpinions is a joint partnership between: DIY Marketers and Survey Analytics)

What apps, services or gadgets do you recommend to other business owners?

Biggest time-saver(s)?

Feedly. My new favorite RSS reader. Better than Flipboard.

Biggest money-saver(s)?

Google Drive and Google Docs.

Favorite mobile app(s)?

Evernote and Dropbox.

Favorite personal app(s)?

Facebook and HootSuite.

How can others reach you?

Other (email, phone, etc): ivana@diymarketers.com

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