I’m Marissa Evans, Founder of Go Try It On, and This is How I Power My Business

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Firmology Founder’s Note: Go Try It On, Send the Trend, Rent the Runway, Birchbox, Shoptiques, and BaubleBar. What do these startups have in common? They’re all fashion startups that were launched by ambitious and aspirational Harvard Business School graduates such as Marissa Evans. After graduating from HBS and moving to NYC, Marissa got the idea for a mobile marketplace that facilitated social fashion discovery after realizing she missed the social interaction of trying on outfits with her friends. Appropriately, the name Go Try It On was born.

Name: Marissa Evans
Title: Founder
Business: Go Try It On, Inc
Location: New York, NY
Smartphone: iPhone 5
Tablet: iPad
Computer: MacBook Air
Other Gadgets: Nike Fuel Band, Roku

Tell us a bit about you and your background:

go-try-it-on-logoI launched Go Try It On in March 2010. Prior to this business, I was working at Digitas, a digital brand agency, consulting for large businesses such as Delta Airlines, Samsung, and Sanofi Aventis. I started my first company in 2005—a personalized merchandise company. I attended Harvard Business School and Cornell University.


What’s the story behind your business?

I would noticed how my girlfriends would get ready and how it was always a conversation—we’d ask each other for opinions and feedback. After moving to New York City and living alone, I would find myself with no one to ask for feedback when getting ready to go out. I thought it would be cool if there was a marketplace for people to come and go and give and get advice on what to wear and what looks good. It would have to be mobile because the whole idea was founded on access to real-time information.


What apps or services are essential to the operations of your business?

We love Dropbox, Google Docs and Pivotal Tracker. My team loves these as they are essential to sharing information internally. They all help us stay up to date on what the team is working on, share ideas, and share progress. They are all built in a way that are easy to use, and get out of the way to let us do what we need to do.

What apps, services or gadgets do you recommend to other business owners?

Biggest money-saver(s)?

Gmail for Businesses – Low cost and Gmail is a easy to use mail application. There is a ton of storage and you get all the Gmail features like Drive and Chat.

Favorite mobile app(s)?

Dropbox – So useful for saving presentations and being on the go. I love that I can save work from my desktop and know that I can pull it up later on the go.

Favorite personal app(s)?

Audible, of course Go Try It On and our new app #ootd. – I’m a huge fan of book on tape. As I live in NYC I find myself walking or taking the subway and so it can be hard to read on the go, but listening to books is a great way to have the best of both worlds. Our new #ootd app is a totally new way to discover the best fashion on Instagram! We’ve built a fun game that let’s people vote on their favorite look each day. At midnight, a winner is announced!


How can others reach you?

Website: www.gotryiton.com
Twitter: @mevans1

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About The Author

Marissa Evans is the Founder of Go Try It On, a mobile marketplace that facilitates social fashion discovery.