12 Simple Reasons To Appreciate Technology


Technology can get a bad rap at times. People say that it distracts us, that we are overly-consumed by it all. They say that technology makes things impersonal—we cannot disconnect. You could even go so far to say that we aren’t tech-savvy anymore but rather tech-dependent. But is that so bad? Most of these naysayer points are about peoples’ inability to manage technology versus the actually technology itself being evil.

Apple’s recent ad (shown below) inspired this post. I found it inspiring how mobile technology has opened our eyes to the beauty all around us. When everything is an Instagram or Vine moment, we begin to appreciate the world’s unique and share-able beauty.

Let’s take a reprieve from the technology-bashing and acknowledge the simple reasons we have to appreciate technology…

12 Simple Reasons To Appreciate Technology

  1. Snap and share a pic that makes a friend across the ocean smile.
  2. Publicly edify a colleague over social media to boost their confidence and Klout score.
  3. Never having to try to refold a map in your car. #GoogleMaps
  4. Live video chats to connect with friends or influence the world.
  5. Foursquare check-ins at restaurants to receive epic discounts off your bill.
  6. Not having to carry all of these: camera, music player, video camera, and a GPS device. (Next disruption = the wallet!)
  7. Seconds and $0.99 away from engaging in some rejuvenating mobile gaming anywhere you are.
  8. Filter all of the world wide web’s wisdom that is specific to your wants/needs. #RSS
  9. Stream global thought leaders anytime into your brain, for free, with podcasts.
  10. Life-logging via a blog or vlog that causes transformative introspection or creates true context for a lasting digital legacy.
  11. Sending a personalized video to say “happy birthday” to a loved one across the country.
  12. Forever capturing, time-stamping, and geo-tagging the moments of life that take your breath away.

Bonus: Future tech trend that will enrich our lives further.

Augmented reality technology will cause us to pick our heads up (out of our cell phones) and reengage us with the real world in new ways. Apple’s iWatch (rumored) and Google Glass are examples of high-tech tools that will be more seamlessly integrated into our lifestyles to enhance our real world experiences.

Firmology Readers: Let’s hear your thoughts!

What do you appreciate most about technology?

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