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The digital age has come fresh with a new set of challenges for small and medium sized businesses.  Because there is always the risk of a system crash or a virus, most small businesses realize the need for a backup plan for sensitive information on clients, suppliers, and accounting.  If that information was lost without any method of recovery, most business owners recognize the difficulties they would have in maintaining their business.

The downside is that in order to maintain an adequate backup system on site, the hardware required between computer systems, network servers, and external hard drives can be costly and take up a significant amount of space, especially a problem in smaller offices.  So if maintaining the hardware to run your own backup isn’t an option either due to space or financial limitations, there is a low cost option that will avoid these disadvantages.  Even for those businesses that do have the resources to maintain their own hardware onsite, a cloud backup for small businesses offers a more comprehensive solution to the risks of data loss and technological failure.

Many owners are transitioning to a cloud backup for small businesses.  A cloud backup service is an online means of storing important information and backing up files on a secure server that can be accessed by the business owner in the event they need to reboot their system and restore their files.  One article writes that when one particular business suffered a massive data loss in their system that their foresight in preparing a cloud backup for small businesses was able to prevent them from losing their business entirely while getting them completely operational again within 36 hours.

Just because every small to medium sized business can and should move to a cloud backup system doesn’t mean that every cloud service is the same or that each company is reliable enough to trust with the stability of your business in the event of a problem.  Because of the stakes, it is advised that small business owners do some of their own research into the many cloud services available to determine which service is right for them.

PC Magazine did a review of 20 of the top Cloud services for small business owners.  Not all cloud services are the same, and some are very specialized in what they store and the types of software they allow access to, and the PCMagazine article offers owners a chance to take an in-depth look at the different services available to their company to meet their needs.

Some of these cloud services allow simple storage of data in an off-site, third-party location.  Others are much more involved and instead of simple data storage, they also coordinate software that allows office managers to track billable hours from remote locations, to follow the hours their work-at-home employees are logging in the system, or provide accounting access not just from the office computers but from private computers in the comfort of home.  No business owner wants to spend 90 hours per week in the office just because that is where their records and software are.  Because of the desire to work off-site and handle many business matters after-hours, cloud backup for small businesses allows them the freedom to take a notebook computer to the local Starbucks or their living room to conduct business.

The numerous benefits available through cloud backup for small businesses make it a very practical and affordable solution to several business problems.  It provides the safety and security of knowing that critical information is safely stored so that network complications don’t devastate the business.  Cloud backup also offers the advantage of securing that peace of mind for less than an arm and a leg.  Finally, cloud backups can offer the freedom of the business owner to work on their terms.  For many, that is why they took to small business ownership in the first place.

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