Four Ways to Encourage Better Productivity in the Office

Let’s be real here: the office can get mighty boring and not all of us are lucky enough to have a Jim, Michael, or a Dwight to keep things interesting. If your office is a yawner, then chances are the creative juices you hoped were flowing through those once-fresh and bright-eyed employees are most likely now just sticky smears.

So how do you freshen up the office motivation without turning it in to an adult playroom? Implement some motivational distractions and environmental stimuli that won’t break your office structure.

I know. You’re sitting here reading thinking “great. She’s going to recommend yoga balls and toys.” …well. Sort of. No toy boxes are recommended in this list, but there are a few easy alternatives to the stereotypical sit-all-day cube farm.

4- Encourage and provide light fitness options

Encouraging fitness in your office society can prove to have some serious benefits. While you might not want to have elliptical machines and free weights crowding up the office, introducing some light fitness options are great ways to pump some endorphins in to your dragging staffers.

Yoga balls, treadmill desks, and encouraging “stretch time” are healthy ways to keep the blood and energy flowing in the office.

3- Allow for creativity at the desk, cube, and office level

How often do you hate arriving to work at your boring desk? Its grey flatness is anything but inspiring and the last place you really want to be plugging in to for the next eight hours is there.

While most HR guidelines discourage decorating your desk, I’m going to go ahead and advocate against that. Keeping personal items, such as fidget toys and logic puzzles, at the desk can actually improve productivity by allowing your brain to take a quick rest and refocus.

2- Bring in local art and plants

The current day job I have is sans artwork or windows, and we’re limited to one small (read: tiny) plant at our desks. This is infuriating.

Bringing in art and plants will not only allow your business to connect with local resources but will also revamp your office from wasteland to oasis. Plus, you can connect with a local artist or greenhouse to get the ball rolling on beautifying the office.

1- Grey and slate blue are not the only office colors available

It’s okay to get brave with the colors. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be in a smaller office where you can customize your interior, bringing in a more diverse color palette can help the office feel a bit more comfortable.

This doesn’t mean you have to hire in an expensive interior designer, but you can liven the place up a bit with some funky furniture colors and a few accent walls.

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