SMB Tech Meet & Greet: David Robins of Binfire, Collaborative Project Management Software

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Name: David Robins
Title: Founder & CEO
Company Name: Binfire
Company One Liner: Collaborative project management software for enhancing productivity
Location: Boston, USA & Ra’anana, Israel

Tell us about yourself and your background

I received a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University and worked in several Boston area start-ups for several years before joining Polaroid Corporation as Director of Engineering and Project Manager for Digital Products. During my time at Polaroid, I worked on several large and state of the art projects such as digital cameras and internet printing kiosks. We shipped the first portable industrial digital cameras to such companies as The New York Times and the Associated Press. After leaving Polaroid , I founded in 2008.

What does your company do and what problem does it solve for businesses?

rsz_binfire-logo-largeBinfire is a SaaS collaborative project management application designed to help both traditional and distributed (remote) teams improve productivity and to bring products and services to the market faster. In today’s global economy, teams have contributors residing in different cities, states and sometimes continents. Many of today’s projects are multi-disciplinary and involve diverse groups of individuals who need to work together to bring a new product to the market. This reality requires new tools to keep teams organized and on the same page during the project life cycle. This has created a real need for collaborative project management tools to help development teams achieve higher levels of productivity than what was possible a few years ago. Binfire’s collaborative project management suite is helping product teams to improve productivity in such diverse markets as software engineering, product development, design studios, manufacturing and construction.

How did you come up with the idea for your company?

As a project manager working on large projects for Polaroid and other companies I worked before, we had teams consisting of engineers, designers, suppliers and contractors stationed in several cities across USA, Europe and India. Managing such distributed teams proved extremely challenging. Email, teleconferencing and video conferencing alone could not solve the lack of collaboration, language issues and time differences these teams had to deal with every day. We needed a virtual office environment to work as though we are all located in one central place. That is why I left Polaroid to start Binfire to create a virtual office in the cloud.

What makes your company different from your competitors?

We are creating an online virtual office, which as one of its core elements, is a project management application. In contrast to our competition that are creating an application to manage tasks or manage content, we are creating an environment to help teams to be more productive by improving communication and collaboration in these teams. The goal is to create an environment in which teams will plan, document, coordinate, communicate and collaborate on any size project using any device they love on the Binfire platform. All actions by the team are stored in the database and could be easily retrieved and analyzed by the management to have a better picture of the project’s progress.


What are the most important considerations businesses should have when choosing technology to help them power their business?

The goal of every business is to make money and contribute to the community that it does business in. To keep making money, businesses need to constantly enhance their productivity. To accomplish this, businesses need to provide training for their workers plus find the right tools and services to improve their productivity. When personal computers came to the market in the late 1970’s, it was the launch of business applications like Word and Spreadsheet that helped start the productivity boom we have enjoyed in the past 30 years. Today, as applications move to the cloud, business applications are becoming more and more collaborative and are available on any device at any time. One area which has the greatest potential for productivity improvements is the project management market segment.

What other companies or entrepreneurs within the technology space do you admire and think businesses should know about?

Like many people around the world, I admire the late Steven Jobs and the company he founded, Apple Computers. My second hero and one of Jobs’s heroes which he admired most, was Edwin Land the founder of Polaroid Corporation, a company which I worked for many years. Both created new industries based on their talent, hard work and attention to small details in design and development. Like Jobs, Land was forced out of the company he created and loved so much. Today, Google is one company that is changing the face of computing the most.

Anything else Firmology readers and business owners should know? News? Upcoming features? Special deals?

We are constantly enhancing the Binfire software and soon we will have native smartphone applications for both Android and IOS devices. For Firmology readers, we are offering a free product upgrade for six months. Just sign up for a paid plan and send us an email to with the upgrade code firmology2013 and we will upgrade your account to the next level for free for the next six months.

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About The Author

David Robins is the Founder & CEO of Binfire, collaborative project management software for enhancing productivity.