Four Apps To Save a Few Bucks and Up Productivity


Save Your Business A Few Thousand Dollars a Year With These Apps

One of the most important, but often overlooked, factors of a productive work environment is resources. Work ethic can only take you so far; it’s how efficiently you manage this employee work ethic that determines success.

Since we can’t all be human computers, smartphones are the next best thing. In fact, a recent study by Harris Interactive revealed that time saved by smartphone apps amounted to $12,000 in productivity saved each year.

Here are four productivity apps that can make your own workplace a success generator.

4. Dropbox

The first step to maximizing productivity is maximizing space. Dropbox is a crucial tool for smartphone users, since smartphones have much more limited storage space than comparable digital devices. Dropbox is available on iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android and comes absolutely free.

Access photos, documents and videos wherever you go and make certain files are easily sharable with clients and partners. This improves communication by cutting down on email while also ensuring that everyone’s on the same page with changes and updates.

3. Catch Notes

Catch Notes gives Evernote a run for its money with its stylish interface and user-friendly organizational features. You can use the app to take notes, create reminders, take and store photos, make checklists, and record audio notes on the go. Authorize Catch Notes to sync with your other professional devices, or access your information easily through a password-protected web interface. Android users can get this app free, but additional Spaces (folders for storing and sharing your files) can be purchased for $5 per month.

2. Expensify

Keep track of your business travel expenses without digging through your pockets for the receipts. Expensify makes it easier to sort through your business expenses by taking photographs of your receipts and making digital records of each transaction you make while on the clock. The app even organizes your expenses chronologically, so you can easily access specific transactions from months ago, for tax or budgeting purposes. You can also log mileage, record meal expenses, and keep track of other business-related travel costs with Expensify. And of course, the app designed to save you money comes cost-free.

1. Buffer

If building your social media presence is a goal (which it should be), Buffer is the perfect tool for keeping up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other crucial media platforms without sacrificing time at work. Buffer allows you to add updates, links, and articles to queue and release them at optimum scheduled times so you can maintain a more consistent presence. An hour could take care of a few weeks of social media work. Set up your account on Buffer by linking your social media accounts and creating an individualized schedule for each network. Add updates right from the app or from any Internet-connected device.

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