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New Apple Products Closely Followed By Nexus Leak

There’s been healthy dose of polemics lately regarding Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S  that were officially introduced at Apple’s conference held on September 10th, 2013. CEO Tim Cook officially introduced the state-of-art models at Apple’s conference in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s new gadgets sport a 4-inch display, durable battery, and and 8 megapixel camera. the 5C will be available in five color variations, yellow, blue, red, green, and white, while the 5S will be available in black, gold, and silver. US citizens will be able to get their latest piece of Apple’s technology at $99 with the signing of a two-year contract. Those who are not fond of singing contracts can have iPhone 5C at $549 for the 16GB version and $649 for the 32GB version.

According to what’s been said at Apple’s official conference, this is the most advanced iPhone ever made. With anA7 processor, the iPhone 5S will be far faster than its predecessor model, the 4S. The processor is not the only improvement; an enhanced camera on the 5S sports a 15% larger sensor surface for the full photographic experience.

So what else is new?

Fingerprint Security

It seems like Apple never puts the combat against intruders on hold. Such is the case with the latest 5S model with security based on the user’s fingerprint. Technicians at Apple integrated the unique finger scanner for the highest authorization level ever seen at mobile market. The scanner will serve to unlock both the device and purchase authorization process.


The conference in California brought some more excitement—Apple’s CEO also announced the launching of the new iOS 7. The new iOS will be available for download on September 18th, 2013. It is compatible with the iPad 2 and newer, as well as with the iPhone 4 and newer.

LG Nexus 5 Leaked

Apple is not the only company being busy this fall. LG is not far away from launching new LG Nexus 5 whose photos have recently leaked in public. Even though there is not much of design to see, the most important specifications of this gadget are well known.

The LG-D820 device, also known as the Nexus 5, is quite similar to LG’s latest smartphone—the G2. A fairly large camera in the upper left corner is equipped with blitz accompanied with the 4.96-inch display. LG fans who are not such big fans of cable and wires will be happy to see this device as it uses Qi technology for wireless charging.

This smartphone runs powerful Qualcomm’s processor—Snapdragon 800. This device is meant to be the first smartphone ever to use Google’s OS Android 4.5 KitKat. Talk is that this smartphone will provide new experience when it comes to exploiting cloud hosting technology in terms of media storage. The release date still remains unknown.

Image: Apple Media

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