Use Your Golf Strategy to Strengthen Your Marketing Approach


You Might Not Be Whacking Balls With Your Marketing Approach, But You Can Get Back On Par Using Your Course Strategy In The Office

With summer dwindling down, golf season is soon coming to an end. Marketing, on the other hand, never takes time off; it goes year round, but the two are not so different. Both marketing and golf are completely different activities but have similar approaches in strategy and execution.


Before a great golfer steps onto the course, he or she usually learns the course inside and out. Marketers do the same thing but instead of a golf course, they learn the market for their product or service. Neither likes to wing it; the better prepared you, are the better results you can achieve.


Every golfer has their own special set of clubs, favoring one brand’s technology over another. Marketers are the same way—they use their own special blend of tested technology mostly software that they believe will get them to their goal. The technological edge is crucial; monitor new technologies that may be better than what you use now.


The environment is one factor that we have no control over. In golf, it may be the weather conditions; in marketing, it may be the marketplace environment. Whatever the change may be, being adaptable to any situation is one of the most important skills to have. You don’t have to look into the future and predict what is going to happen, but you can notice trends and make some inferences. Each day is different and no two days are the same. Just because something worked yesterday doesn’t guarantee that it will work today.


Golf is one of the most mental games there is and not only do your physical skills have to be up to par (no pun intended) but your mental skills should be as well. Being confident is a crucial part in anything you are about to undertake. If you don’t believe in it, why should others? Marketing is all about telling a story and connecting with people. Your goal is to make them believe in your message.


There are always distractions no matter what activity you are doing. Whether it be pressures at work or personal life issues, stay focused on getting the job done. Golfers as well as marketers have distractions on a regular basis. The successful ones are the ones that can focus on the task at hand and block out all the noise.


In most difficult things there are no cookie-cutter approaches to anything. Whether it is golf or marketing, there is no one way of doing things. Being creative and thinking outside the box often produces the best results. There are infinite ways to get from point A to point B; it is your creativity that determines which path you take.


Sports and business have one major thing in common: they are both extremely competitive. You want to be the best in your industry and try to trump your competition. The people that are more competitive have the drive and push to exceed expectations. Along with competitiveness you have to be strong enough to cope with defeat. You have to be able to put it to the side and act as though it barley fazed you. Think of a golfer that misses an easy shot, he can’t have that image on replay in his/her mind for the rest of the day. The ability to forget and move on is the sign of a true competitor.

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About The Author

Alek Flekel is a Marketing Specialist at InfoPay Affiliate Network.