Tune-In Your Social Media For Customer-Focus And Better Business Practice


Sync Up With What’s Trending To Better Cater To Your Customers

Many small businesses depend on their customers to stay afloat in today’s volatile market. Along with a strong marketing strategy and satisfied staff, your customers should remain at the forefront of your business priorities. Social media can help you with that.

Social media is amazing: SMBs can access almost-instant data metrics and customer feedback, develop marketing techniques, and gauge competitors. Businesses can, and should, also use social media as a market research and communication tool.

Employing better social media strategies and recognizing the multi-faceted uses these services can offer your business can boost productivity and business.

1. Utilize Social Media Responsibly

How a business uses social media tends to vary from successful to unsuccessful. With the real-time access to followers and feeds comes the need for real-time responsibility. Do use your accounts to strategize with marketing, but don’t spam your followers.

By setting up a strategy schedule, you can market your business responsibly and visibly without being annoying. Have a new product coming out soon? Mention it a few times a week instead of every hour.

By strategizing your social media marketing campaigns, you can better organize and track data and customer responses. Employing best marketing practices will keep your business relevant and on par with trends without making you look like a weirdo or a spammer.

2. Link Up Your Accounts

Don’t exhaust yourself or your workflow by manually updating your accounts one by one. Link up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other accounts to help streamline posting and visibility.

Services such as HootSuite and SocialOomph can help you manage your accounts from a single dashboard instead of having to open a browser tab for each account, meaning you now have more time to focus on customers and your business.

3. Pay Attention To What Your Followers Are Saying

As businesses slip in to this noisy digital age, they aren’t always able to have front-facing customer interaction, but social media can take a close second to that. With tools such as Facebook and Twitter available to both consumers and businesses, communication is as easy as checking your feeds.

Facebook and Twitter allow direct communication between users, or in this case, consumer and business, which makes for incredibly convenient B2C access.

See a dissatisfied customer reaching out? Respond! By commenting, reply-Tweeting, or private messaging, acknowledging the customer as soon as possible lets them feel immediately recognized, lending to a better satisfaction rate.

4. Gather Data

What’s trending? Was that new cupcake flavor a good idea? What are other businesses doing with their marketing? How is that new location working out?

Big data potential rests at your fingertips. Social media contains an enormous amount of data both from and about your customers and even your competitors.

Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the best services with which to gather trends and satisfaction rates, but Instagram and Yelp are high contenders also.

Facebook polls, Twitter and Instagram hashtags, Pinterest pinboards and trending tags, as well as Yelp reviews enlist the possibility for feedback and data gathering that doesn’t involve massive paperwork or exhausting research (unless surfing social media just doesn’t float your boat).


Social media holds many advantages for your small business. From communication to outreach to research, utilizing these services can help give you an advantage in a competitive market or regain some of those previously unsatisfied customers.

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