Twitter Allows Schedule Tweets, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Schedule Your Thoughts


Long-Term Marketing Is Now A Little Easier With Advanced Tweet Options For Businesses

Twitter now allows businesses to schedule tweets up to a year in advance using Twitter’s advertising platform. This means that small businesses can take further action when it comes to drafting up that soon-to-be-killer marketing plan.

Many businesses now rely heavily on social media to help expand their marketing arms, reaching out to new age groups, locations, and even other industries. Small businesses and startups especially rely on social media marketing as this strategy tends to be the most cost effective, especially if a fancy marketing firm just isn’t in the budget.

By creating the option for businesses to schedule tweets, Twitter has made marketing that much easier. Focus can be shifted from having a full-time social media person to a potential part-time position, allowing for more work hours to be dedicated to other aspects of marketing, such as in-person PR, events, or even fundraising efforts.

Twitter is allowing the scheduled Tweets to appear in two ways: organic or promoted. Both will appear normally in a follower’s feed list, but promoted Tweets will, obviously, have a higher exposure rate to the entire Twitterverse.

However, the option for full-year scheduling can have some downfalls. If your marketing guru isn’t on top of the trends for both your business and your industry, that mind-blowing Tweet idea you had seven months ago could fall flat if the market has changed (which it probably has).

Creating advance Tweets should be used with your long-term marketing strategy, such as planned sales, events, hiring phases, and product launches.

While scheduled Tweets won’t necessarily demote the need for in-the-now tweeting, businesses can drastically reduce the amount of focus needed  for the account by including advance Tweet strategies in their long-term marketing plans.

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