5 Surefire Ways To Ready Your Content In This Noisy Digital Age


Cut Through The Chatter And Get Noticed With Better Content Strategy

The way we consume content has evolved; therefore, the way we communicate our content must also evolve.

We now live in a feed economy (Twitter feed, LinkedIn activity feed, Facebook update feed, etc.) where we scroll through our news and updates with a flick of our finger looking for bits of information. Every once in a while, the title of a blog post or article or email is just too good to flick by without reading.

The demand for businesses to capture and fascinate readers has never been higher for content creators. Leverage these five techniques to cut through the noise and get your message read:

1. Attention-Grabbing Headers

Whether it’s an email subject line, sales page, blog post, or article, drawing your readers in with a compelling header is uber crucial.

Become a student to the headers you read on a daily basis. Analyze why or why not the headers grab your attention. Always keep in mind what’s in it for the reader and make that clear in the header.

Consider compiling lists of proven headers that can help to spark your header creation.

I am constantly referring to the 297 killer headers found in the book Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich, by David Garfinkel.

2. Make Content Scannable, Skimable, and Scrollable

I got this technique from copywriter and author Ray Edwards. Today, there is more content competing for our time and focus than ever before. Help your readers by making that content easy to digest. Pithy wins in a content-overload culture.

  • Scannable: Use simple words and sentences, content headings and subheadings or bold text so readers can scan to get the gist of the content.
  • Skimable: Use numbered lists (like this article) and bullets (like right here) to enable the reader to quickly skim.
  • Scrollable: Use short sentences and paragraphs and keep your articles less than 500 words.

3. Use Visuals

Visuals are dominating how we consume web content. Visuals tell a story that the best of text can never communicate. Use visuals in your content and to market your content.

The next time you try to make a point or grab attention online, try these tools to turn your photos into eye-catching digital billboards for your content:

  • ReciteThis: turn a quote into a visual masterpiece with this free, easy to use web tool.
  • PicMonkey: add filters, frames, text, and effects with this free online photo editing tool.
  • Studio Design app: create stunning images with over 500 free shapes, crops, and fonts and easily export to your favorite social network.

4. Be A Contrarian

Content that takes a stance or goes against the grain will naturally stir up conversation and result in link sharing; sharing information that people already know doesn’t serve anyone.

Get creative and be bold. For example, it’s widely accepted that experience is valuable in the marketplace, however, I argued the opposing view that experience was a hindrance in today’s hyper-connected culture. I posted the article in a LinkedIn group and it generated over 100 comments due to its contrarian viewpoint and message.

5. Insert Your Content Into Relevant Avenues

Meet content consumers where they are. Consider distributing your content in LinkedIn groups (as mentioned above), Twitter, Facebook, visuals as links in Instagram, guest post on blogs, or syndicate your content/blog for a wider reach.


If you want your content read and message heard, evolve your content to fit the new ways we consume content in today’s digital age. Connect on.

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