Breaking Through the Money Barriers Can Be a Startup’s Biggest Hurtle


One of the problems most startups face right off the bat is getting appropriate funding for their venture.

With so many people headed in the direction of SMB and startup culture, more universities are offering degrees in entrepreneurship, but are they preparing these young prospectors for the financial challenges that lie ahead?

Most SMBs and startups survive on investors, innovative pre-marketing, and some serious fundraiser campaigning. Richard Branson of Virgin Group is no exception.

Funding takes a lot of talent, schmoozing, and networking skills. Pitchdecks, late nights, and market research can increase a startup’s chances of initial success and the ability to procure venture capital, but are these teachable skills or simply natural entrepreneur instinct?

Acting as an idol of sorts for most successful entrepreneur wannabes, Branson can speak to the trials and tribulations of working through financial tight spots.

Branson offers some insightful advice to the fledgling generation of entrepreneurs in a Dear-Abby-style column at Entrepreneur, but the advice he offers is valuable for business people at all states of the game. Read the whole article here.

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