What Your Mother Taught You About Sharing Could Result In A Better Economy


The climate change should be inspiring for entrepreneurs and startups to be a bit more green with their business, according to the founder of Zipcar, Robin Chase.

Startups are becoming notorious for their community involvement, but, according to Chase, startups should embrace the opportunity to build off of each other and utilize options to pool in on resources, such as server hosting and office space.

With limited funding, startups are often forced to employ extra measures to go green and collaborate with neighboring fledgling businesses in the spirit of saving money.

Chase writes in an article for Entrepreneuer Magazine that utilizing these resource sharing tactics are crucial to building up our economy simply by reducing costs and sharing.

But these cost saving measures could also hurt the economy as it results in less money being put in to our markets, essentially pushing a free-loader agenda. But, saving money up front could result in more money being pumped back in to small and national businesses in the long run.

With many startups bringing jobs in to the economy that favor a more diverse approach to hiring (art degrees paired with economy gurus), Chase’s push towards collaborative measures could result in better economic health.

Read more on Chase’s innovative thinking here, at Entrepreneuer Magazine.

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