Does Your Dell Laptop Smell Like Cat Urine?


Seriously. Does your Dell laptop smell like cat urine?

The good news is that if it’s a Dell Latitude 6430u, you’re in luck. While Apple is busy selling new iPad Air tablets after Friday’s launch, Dell is hard at work replacing laptops after a flurry of customer service complaints on the Dell Community support forums.

“If I leave my laptop out over the weekend the smell permeates the whole office,” a Dell user said.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, not only are customers embarrassed by the potent smell in the office, but many have been unnecessarily scolding their cats and apologizing to clients upon taking their laptop out for presentations.

The smell results from a faulty palm rest assembly as a result of a specific manufacturing process. Dell even assured customers that no cats were guilty of contaminating the assembly line.

“We would like to reassure customers that the odor was not related to biological contamination nor did it present a health hazard. The manufacturing process has subsequently been amended and newly purchased Latitude 6430us are not affected by the issue.” –Dell Community

The bad news is that if that’s not your laptop, your cat really did urinate on your keyboard. Our condolences.

If you’re a victim, let’s hear your story in the comments below!

Image: CutestPaw

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