Who Doesn’t Like to Hear a Good Story? Adults Still Do.


Adults Still Like Storytime, Especially In Your Marketing Campaign

You show me someone who doesn’t like to hear a good story and I will show you a liar. Stories have been sources of information and entertainment since the cavemen. Why do some people disregard the storytelling element in their marketing campaigns? Isn’t marketing about getting people’s attention, keeping it, and having some sort of call to action?

In the era of viral marketing, a piece of content can spiral from a few views to millions in light speed because some sort of trigger got people’s attention.  Whether it is humor, relevance to the audience, or something straight up crazy, you need a “wow” factor. Especially with the shear amount of content being thrown at us every second of every day, you need to differentiate yourself in your industry.

Once you have the audience’s attention, you can begin to convey your message to them through storytelling. Get them from point A to point B in an entertaining and memorable way. This is easier said than done, especially when our attention spans are microscopic. Build up your story until you get to the climax or punch line. If they have stayed to see that they will most likely continue to the end.

Once your content has been fully digested by the audience is when you have some options to consider. A call to action almost always comes after the story. Depending on your goal, you may want the audience to share your content through their respective social media networks, thus creating a viral effect. Another option is to have them comment on your content and in essence generate a conversation about it. If you have capitalistic aspirations then redirecting them to a page where they can make a purchase would be a wise choice.

There are so many directions you can head in when it comes to storytelling in regards to marketing. You will notice that bland, black and white marketing may temporarily help with algorithms. However, anything with a heartbeat will most likely not be satisfied. Search engines are slowly incorporating more social results rather than results based on a number of keywords.

If you create something that grabs the user’s attention, keeps them hooked, and then points them in the direction you want them to take, then you have done a swell job.

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About The Author

Alek Flekel is a Marketing Specialist at InfoPay Affiliate Network.