Sink Or Swim: Community-Building Is Vital For SMB And Startup Survival


The term “community” has evolved in to a pretty hot buzzword for the startup industry. Most aspiring SMBs use the word in their mission statements, as a lure for investors, and as a promising focus for potential employees.

While most startups maintain loyalty to their mission to provide and work within their community, structuring a community within the industry is a method for survival that just can’t be stressed enough.

While some might define community as a way to lean on sister or brother businesses in times of need, the spirit of it is anything but, and many social organizers are pushing for social development, especially for entrepreneurs and startups.

For SMBs and the newcomers, a community is vital to your survival, much like a coral reef is to sea life. Community is your live social network, your neighboring businesses, your vendors, your fellow entrepreneurs. Community is also protection and security, offering valuable resources and connections that a corporate “advantage” just might not be able to offer.

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