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Is The Mobile Sharing On Your Device Too Much Marketable Information?

We live in a mobile world and there is no escaping the fact that our mobile devices have become our most cherished items. When we can’t find them we get anxiety; when they break, we feel sadness. Is this dependence leading us down a path of vulnerability?

Mobile devices are useful for many things including communication, commerce, banking, or entertainment. Not only do our devices store our personal information, but our financial information too. In addition, our devices are almost constantly connected to the internet and we all know that privacy and security issues arise on the world wide web.

We see more and more media coverage about this topic and companies are adapting to the growing user concerns. While geo-tracking or other forms of gathering data are not necessarily bad, this does depend on the user’s point of view. These services help make marketing material that is relevant to the user.

It is important to perform a self-audit on your mobile usage. What information are you putting out there? Are you comfortable with the level of information sharing on your device? Everyone has a different comfort level so there is no right or wrong answer.

With every new technological development there will always be gray areas. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between helpful and vulnerable. Prioritize what information you want to keep to yourself and what information you can sleep with at night knowing that it is public.  Assume that every action you do on your device can be tracked and keep that in the back of your mind.

The 90’s and early 2000’s were the era of computers but now we are in the era of mobile. I’m no fortune teller but I can predict that the mobile concept is here to stay and will further be embedded in our daily interactions. Whether in the form of phone, watches, or glasses we are moving closer to portability and convenience. In addition data gathering will be at historic levels, mining it will be the challenge for marketers in the coming years.

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About The Author

Alek Flekel is a Marketing Specialist at InfoPay Affiliate Network.