5 Tips To Help Navigate App Marketplaces


Find Apps That Better Suit You Using These Helpful Suggestions

App stores can be intimidating. Thousands upon thousands of apps give consumers too many choices and it can be difficult to locate the apps that will serve you best. The inability to locate apps is compounded if you don’t know what apps you would like to download.

Fear not! With a few tips, you will be navigating the app marketplace like a pro.

1. Browse Articles

Many websites feature articles reviewing popular, new, or useful apps. You can find these articles with your favorite search engines, on app-dedicated websites, or on niche-specific websites.

For in-depth reviews and ratings, explanations and instructions, creator-info, and reception, browsing articles can be a terrific resource in general and a terrific hunting ground for those diamonds in the rough that sometimes get bypassed in the social media buzz.

2. New and Top Apps

All app stores tend to have ways to limit your search to new or top apps. By searching for new apps, you can find state-of-the-art apps that use the newest technology. By searching for top apps you can locate extremely popular apps.

It must be noted that all purchases are counted in the top app tally and that not all apps that are purchased are used. Some are bought, downloaded, used once, and then deleted. Regardless, both the new and top app categories are valuable ways to limit the number of apps you need to dig though.

3. Search Tool

You can use the search tool if you know what type of app you would like to locate. By typing in keywords such as “diabetes health” or “diabetes track,” you can hone in on the apps that show up to apps that deal with tracking diabetes. If too many apps show up, you may need to search for a more specific keyword or phrase.

4. Category

All app stores split the apps into different categories. Categories are useful if you know what type of app you would like, but not what you want the app to do.

Within the categories, each app store has different ways to manipulate how the apps show up. You might be able to sort them by the titles first letter, the most popular, the most critical, and the most recent. Play with the different sort features and scan through the apps until an app catches your eye. Using the search tool to locate similar apps will allow you to determine the best app available browse multiple apps on the subject.

5. Before Buying

Never purchase an app based solely on the popularity, picture, or description. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on an app, you want to make sure that it will perform well. Before purchasing you should:

  • Consult costumer reviews. If there are multiple reviews complaining about similar problems, you might want to find a different app.
  • Check the update date. You should make sure that you are not buying a dead app. Dead apps are never updated, so they will not receive any updates or maintenance. Any problems will stay problems. If the last update was more than a year ago, it is a good sign you should search elsewhere.
  • Do a virus scan. You can combat viruses in two ways: carefully check out apps before purchasing or invest in an anti-virus for your mobile device.


Apps are marvelous creations. They allow you to play games, track your health, and manipulate pictures. It can be difficult to navigate the app store because there are thousands of possibilities. With a few tips and a bit of experience, you can find the brilliant apps without any trouble.

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