Net Promoter Scores: What Are They And Why Should You Care?


Small Business Trends recently published an article about using net promoter scores to build your brand and hone your customer service strategy.

While posting an employee at the door of your business or having them hand out surveys at the register to help gauge customer responses for your business might  seem simple, it’s also pretty annoying and possibly ineffective.

How many times have you filled out a survey handed to you at the counter in exchange for the possibility of winning a $50 gift card? At least Starbucks gives customers a free drink in return for the two minutes it takes to fill our their surveys (and their response rate is pretty high).

Since most small retail businesses have an online presence, one of the best methods to take stock of your customer satisfaction and responses is to turn to your social media accounts. Or, you can use online surveys embedded right in to your site’s code, such as Qualaroo.

Net promoter scores are incredibly important for any business, but so is maintaining your existing customer satisfaction. By gauging these scores, with either direct responses or thorough research via social media, building your brand and customer service strategy will be that much easier.

You can read the entire article about what net promoter scores are and how they can help your business here, written by Shawn Hessinger.

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