Scalable Cloud-based QMS Software Solutions


Get Your Head In The Clouds And Scale Your Business With Better Management

Starting a business is expensive—there are a lot of up-front costs when establishing a location, implementing technology systems, and hiring new employees.

Using cloud-based technology solutions instead of on-premise traditional software and hardware solutions can significantly decrease the up-front costs of starting a business as well as decrease the total cost of technology upkeep over time.

Many businesses will use a cloud-based VoIP phone system, data storage, and similar applications. These same businesses, however, oftentimes overlook software systems that are more specific to their industry which could be potentially much more cost-effective.

For example, there are cloud-based quality management system (QMS) software packages available from providers, such as MasterControl. For companies that operate in highly-regulated fields, such as pharmacy or engineering, QMS software decreases the need for additional quality and compliance personnel by automating core quality management functions.

Installing cloud-based QMS software means that your business will not have to pay a huge up-front investment for a large, expensive infrastructure. It also means that you will not have to invest in an IT team for that infrastructure. The entire QMS is regulated from the cloud and can be taken care of remotely.

Besides, switching to cloud-based solutions just makes sense. Aside from the obvious cost savings, your company will save a lot of time by being able to access data, documents, and other resources from anywhere.

Often with on-premise systems, vendors will install the system and then leave you on your own. But with a cloud-based solution, vendors will help with security, questions, and management of the system. Master Control, for example, installs the software via the internet.

The most important thing about cloud-based QMS software and other cloud-based solutions is the opportunity to scale. Especially for startups, it’s impossible to know how big your business is going to be in the future. So, instead of putting forth the huge up-front costs of an on-premise system that would be a hassle to expand, implementing a cloud-based software system allows nearly unlimited expansion for a lower cost.

With QMS software, adding new users to the system is quick and painless. QMS software allows your business to increase storage capacity as needed as well. So, if your business stays the same size, no problem; if it grows, no problem. No matter how big your business gets, with cloud-based QMS software, your company will be able to meet compliance regulations and increase the original ROI with ease.

A scalable QMS will also allow your business to grow into multiple locations without any hassle since everything is done via the cloud. Through the cloud, there is also increased collaboration, so even if there are multiple locations, everyone can be on the same page.

Many business owners tend to think that cloud-based solutions are watered down products that pale in comparison to their on-premise counterparts. At least for QMS software, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Cloud-based QMS has all the features of an on-premise system with all the benefits and features that come with the cloud.

Of course, if anything goes wrong with the system, there’s a backup in the cloud waiting to restore your system. There’s really no reason not to have scalable QMS software. So, go forth, meet quality specifications, and prosper.

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Declan Peltier has been around the business block, so to speak. While spending most of his career working in the field of quality management and document control systems, Declan has focused his attention on writing and enjoys spreading his knowledge on the IT industry as a freelancer for MasterControl.