Firmology’s Week of Thanks: Technology and Tools


For the week of Thanksgiving, Firmology is publishing a week-long series of Letters From the Editor giving thanks for the technology, innovation, and people which make Firmology a resource for SMBs and startups. Join us in giving thanks and share  your thoughts below!

Technology, gadgets, software, tools—all of these things help to make today’s businesses who they are.

Today Firmology give thanks for the technology and tools that have let almost any business do what they do best: grow.

From social media marketing to big data to mobile apps to the cloud, this new era of technology is a bounty of opportunity and accessibility for SMBs and startups. With affordable and approachable options for growth, SMBs and startups can focus on actually creating their services and products rather than pushing paper and trying to cram all of those essentials in to a small budget.

Technology and gadgets are what appeal to consumers nowadays, so becoming fluent and savvy with the latest trends and options is crucial to keeping your SMB and startup relevant in the economy. The same technology allows SMBs and startups to better communicate, interact, and evolve with fellow businesses, consumers, and markets.

Just like any other SMB, Firmology depends on technology and gadgets to stay informed, in touch, and on schedule. With technology like our mobile phones and Google’s cloud apps, Firmology has a great behind-the-scenes operation going on; with WordPress and many syndication apps, we’re able to reach a wonderfully diverse and talkative audience.

Without these things, it’s doubtful that our economy or communities would be what they are today: connected, social, innovative. Technology affords everyone, especially small businesses, to thrive and evolve, scale effectively, and, most importantly, to learn.

Thanks to technology, Firmology exists, along with many other amazing small businesses and wonderful startups. Thanks to technology, you’re able to read and interact with our content.

What kinds of technology is your SMB or startup giving thanks for this year?

Image by Laura Whitener–she’s really putting that art degree to work and is especially proud of the hand turkey. ©Firmology2013

About The Author

Laura Whitener is the managing editor of Firmology, technology focused news and insight for small business owners and online entrepreneurs. Laura graduated from DePaul’s notable Master of Writing and Publishing program in Chicago. She survives on coffee, apples, and Pandora.

When she isn’t editing or writing, Laura enjoys knitting, adding to her massive book collection, and culinary adventures.

You can find Laura on Twitter and LinkedIn.