Traveling? Pack Your Office With Google Apps for Business


Accessible Data, Secure Storage, Communication Connections: All From One Device

The convenience and portability of Google Apps extends far beyond Gmail and Google Docs.  Business travelers embrace the affordability and versatility of a platform which allows them to conduct business seamlessly and efficiently from literally anywhere.

Having the ability to remotely log in to company server is great, but it often presents its own set of challenges, not to mention the capabilities can also be very limited.

Let’s go beyond what most users already know about Gmail and Google Docs and explore why business travelers find Google Apps so appealing.

Gmail–More Than Just Email

Gmail is not just ideal for business travelers, it also has enticing benefits for small businesses.

First, drop that generic “…” address.  Google Apps for Business allows companies to have an email address matching their domain.

Next, you can integrate Gmail with most desktop email clients—both POP and IMAP is supported. IMAP is fantastic, especially when traveling, because users can access sent and received emails from every one of their devices. Another nice feature of Gmail is that it automatically detects emails not composed in the users native language and offers an option to translate.

Ready Access to All Data from Any Device

There is no need to keep dragging that bulky laptop around.  Data backed up to Google Drive can be conveniently accessed from any device with an internet connection.  Whether traveling across country or just across town, business professionals can take comfort in knowing they are never far away from their files.

For added ease, download the Google Drive smartphone and tablet app.  This makes retrieving, editing, and emailing documents quick and simple.

Instantly Connect

Text, voice, and video chat allows the entire office to stay connected.  Your Gmail inbox displays who is online and offers the ability to instantly connect.

Business travelers don’t need to worry about missing weekly department meetings while away because Hangouts allows them to create a community of users to better gather and communicate together via text or video.

Since Google Apps works on virtually any device, members of the group can join the meeting through any computer, phone, or tablet with a camera and internet connection.

Sharing and Collaboration

Being away on business doesn’t mean business stops. Google Docs is more than just a word processing application that stores documents in the cloud.  The live collaboration aspect allows users to work and edit a document together, no matter where your staff is located.

Secure Data Backup

Data loss can happen as a result of a hard drive or server failure, virus, file corruption, natural disaster, or a multitude of other occurrences. Backing up data to Google Drive stores copies of important files in Google’s cloud, allowing for quick access and restoration of all data.

When a laptop or flash drive goes missing, the fear is that someone now has access to company files and information. With cyber theft on the rise, why even take the risk? Google allows companies to store everything in their secure cloud environment.

There are a number of companies that provide supplementary services to Google Apps, such as Vault for storage and Spanning for backup/restoration abilities. Backing up Google Apps is not a bad idea in the event someone accidentally deletes a file, botches a sync, or falls victim to a malicious act.


Google is continually adding new features and updating its infrastructure to keep everything fresh and user friendly. Like a toothbrush, business travelers should always pack Google Apps in their carry on!

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