Cross-Social Marketing Ripple Effect


Take Advantage of Social Impulses For Your Marketing Strategy

It’s that time of year again when holiday shopping takes over our lives and our wallets. These next few weeks are when marketing campaigns shine. So much creativity and effort went into these campaigns which for some companies can lead to major increased revenues.

A common theme to notice with this year’s marketing trends is the cross-screen method, or getting the user to travel through different marketing channels. For example, I saw a storefront in a shopping mall display a hashtag, which is a great call to action for the consumer. Potential and current customers may have seen an item on Pinterest that brought them to the store. Another possibility is the person receiving the gift may post a picture of it on Facebook.

One social call to action can create a massive ripple effect that will extend over different networks and reach a wide variety of users. The best part of all this that social marketing is that it results in the most cost effective method of promotions, a well thought out campaign which can be run on almost no money.

The customers and users act as your brand representatives, and their social activity relating to your brand has more authority and potential brand loyalty than any ad a brand puts out. The power is literally in the fingertips of the users.

It is important to map out possible paths users might take from the beginning of the purchase cycle, from the demand recognition and research phase to the post-purchase activity. You will be amazed how influential social media will be to your marketing efforts. It is your job to figure out how to make the transition from network to network to be smooth while not compromising the sales process.

Keep your eyes open this holiday season and see how others are using social media. Pay attention to yourself what made you make that purchase. Were you influenced and tempted to take to social media about it?

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About The Author

Alek Flekel is a Marketing Specialist at InfoPay Affiliate Network.