These Are the Drones You’re Looking For


Amazon is putting a plan in motion to have a drone delivery service via Amazon Prime Air. Just think: with the click of your grimy mouse button, a 5lbs-or-lighter package can be airlifted right to your doorstop in about 30 minutes.

Creepy, yet innovative on so many levels.

Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, is in the business of satisfying his customers, and customers currently want their stuff and they want it now.

Catering to customers can be time-consuming, but Amazon’s drone initiative has the potential to be non-invasive yet highly satisfying. Theoretically with Amazon’s proposed air service, if a professor makes sudden change to the book list on the syllabus, you won’t be stuck waiting two whole days for a delivery.

While these drones won’t be swarming your neighborhood too soon, once Amazon gets FAA clearance (the earliest speculated around 2015), Bezos sees little to hold him and his company back from stuffing your porch with newly bought, light-weight items.

With interest in drone usage undeniably rising, Amazon is eager to have a hand on two stakes: horizon technology and near-instant customer gratification. Good intentions abound, this service could be the future of Christmas, college bookstores, and care packages.

Bezos speaks with Charlie Rose of CBS News’s 60 Minutes in a fairly intimate interview about Amazon’s drone usage, their customer-centric attitude, and the future of the online retailer.

Image courtesy of Amazon’s Prime Air Press Release.

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