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Better Branding, B2C, and Social Media Organization Made Simple With Twitter’s New Feature

With Twitter’s new storytelling feature, users can display their own personalized best-of compilation of Tweets. This can prove especially useful for covering specific events or topics and showing a wide range of opinions on the matter. These selected Tweets appear on a custom timeline that has its own public page on

The benefits of Twitter’s storytelling feature are already apparent. It can prove especially useful for increasing brand awareness for small businesses and news outlets. Below are a few other ways Twitter’s new storytelling feature is being utilized.

Expanded News Coverage

Major websites, such as Politico, are already using Twitter’s new storytelling feature wisely. For Politico’s energy-related coverage, they present three different customized Twitter timelines: one from energy reporters, another from energy influencers, and the last from energy lawmakers.

Rather than being grouped into one timeline, Politico created three separate customizable timelines so that users can follow all three, two, or just one. It allows for more flexibility for Twitter users as they follow opinions most relevant to them. The storytelling feature shows how news outlets can utilize it to provide readers with more diversified information, all from reliable and hand-selected sources.

Wider-Ranged Brand Awareness

Small businesses can benefit well from Twitter’s storytelling feature if utilized properly. On “CBS Sunday Morning”, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said that he wanted to “reach every single person on the planet.” The storytelling feature seems like a natural response to that, as it’s a handy way to cover all niches and opinions.

Want to create a custom timeline that highlights the best trash talk between Red Sox and Yankees fans? No problem; you’re likely to attract both the Boston and New York markets. The storytelling feature is a great way to diversify audiences and for small businesses to raise their brand awareness by targeting specific niches with various custom timelines.

Effective Live Event Tweeting

“The Voice” host, Carson Daly, has already created a custom timeline where he publishes his favorite Tweets about the reality contest show. Currently, the timeline includes Tweets of all varieties, from fan reactions to contestants and official sources. His timeline is an effective demonstration of how live events can be covered effectively with Twitter’s new custom timelines. Small businesses have the potential to cover expos and presentations using custom timelines, where they can select Tweets from the press and users relevant to their business.

Improved Connection with Followers, New and Old

Twitter users are notified whenever their Tweets are favorited, re-Tweeted, or replied to. Now they will be informed of any inclusion in a custom timeline. This can be hugely beneficial for small businesses to target relevant leads.

Including interesting Tweets within your business’s niche on your custom timeline can lead to potential client relationships. For example, if your small business is a craft brewery, then selecting memorable Tweets from craft beer fans will encourage them to check out your own brewery. It’s also wise to follow whatever users you include on your custom timeline, as this will show them that you’re truly interested in their Tweeting content.


Twitter users can get started with custom timelines right away using TweetDeck. This storytelling feature is not a complete overhaul of any features, but instead offers small businesses and news outlets a way to better connect with followers and Twitter users in the same niche.

By simply continuing to Tweet quality content and using hashtags, any Twitter user can appear on a widely-viewed custom timeline, increasing their own profile’s recognition in the process. For small businesses, this works to their advantage as well, increasing their brand awareness and providing another source to discover new leads.

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