Meet & Greet: Robert J. Moore of RJMetrics, Helping Online Businesses Make Data-Driven Decisions

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Name: Robert J. Moore
Title: CEO
Company Name: RJMetrics
Company One Liner: RJMetrics helps online merchants make smarter decisions using their data.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Website Address:
Best Way(s) to Contact Me: @RobertJMoore or @RJMetrics

Tell us about yourself and your background:

I studied Engineering at Princeton, where I got actively involved in the entrepreneurship scene. During my time in college, launched several businesses, including a college admissions consulting company, a company that designed products for late-night infomercials, and a software company that built a poker odds calculator. The software company turned out to be the most lucrative, and a life-long love affair with software began.

In addition to RJMetrics, I advise several companies and frequently guest lecture at Princeton and Wharton. I blog at and have contributed several guest posts to TechCrunch. Outside of work, I perform improv comedy with the Philly Improv Theater every week. I also enjoy running and rap music.

What does your company do and what problem does it solve for businesses?

rjmetrics-logoRJMetrics helps online businesses make smarter decisions using their data. These decisions can relate to spending marketing dollars, making the right product and merchandising decisions, setting strategic priorities, and more. Historically, gaining these kinds of deep insights from data was the realm of Fortune 500 companies or those willing to invest in full-time data scientists. With RJMetrics, all companies can become truly data-driven without breaking the bank or sinking hours of executive time into finding answers.

The RJMetrics Team

The RJMetrics Team

How did you come up with the idea for your company?

After college, I went to work at a venture capital firm in New York. While I was there, I learned about the ways small-to-midsized online businesses were using (or not using) data to run their businesses better. I realized a market opportunity in helping these companies do this in a more consistent and scalable way, and RJMetrics was born.

What makes your company different from your competitors?

The “analytics” space may seem crowded, but in reality there are very few companies out there with comparable capabilities to RJMetrics. Most of our true competitors are focused on much larger customers, meaning their implementation times and prices can be as much as 10x as large as ours. Down-market, most analytics providers are significantly limited in their capabilities because they require you to push data to them via tags that are installed on your website. This approach significantly limits the breadth and depth of analysis possible.


What are the most important considerations businesses should have when choosing technology to help them power their business?

One consideration that I think is too often overlooked is the level of customer service that accompanies a mission-critical product. Any key technology product will likely require custom configuration from time to time, and having a helpful representative on the other end can be invaluable.

What other companies or entrepreneurs within the technology space do you admire and think businesses should know about?

We are a proud member of the Philadelphia technology scene, so we’ve got access to some amazing companies in our area. Some good examples are Duck Duck Go (a search engine that doesn’t track you), Artisan Mobile (mobile experience management), PeopleLinx (social business optimization), and Curalate (Pinterest/Instagram analytics).


Anything else Firmology readers and business owners should know? News? Upcoming features? Special deals?

We offer a 14 day trial that includes a full implementation and training for your team. You can sign up at!

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About The Author

Robert J. Moore is the co-founder and CEO of RJMetrics, a company that inspires and empowers data-driven people. RJMetrics is used by some of the fastest-growing online retailers to make smarter business decisions related to marketing, merchandising, and strategic priorities. Moore is also a frequent guest lecturer at Princeton and Wharton, and he blogs at Connect with Robert on LinkedIn and Twitter.