I’m Errol Janusz, Owner of Edward Technology, and This is How I Power My Business

Firmology’s How I Power My Business series profiles the technology business owners use to run and grow their business.


Name: Errol Janusz
Title: Owner / Lead Technician
Business: Edward Technology
Location: Downtown Elmhurst, IL – Downtown Hinsdale, IL
Smartphone: DROID MAXX
Tablet: Dell Venue 8
Computer: Acer Ultrabook & Many Custom Systems.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I am the Founder and Lead Technician of Edward Technology, one of the fastest growing IT consulting firms in the Chicagoland! I may be in my early thirties, but I have been building computers from scratch for almost 17 years now. I received both a Microsoft Certified Professional Certification and an A+ Certification before I finished high school in the year 2000. In between onsite support visits, I love to travel the Chicago area to view each town’s history. I even have clients in over 10 different historical downtown areas in the suburbs. Each month, I write a technology column called “techKNOW” which is published in Hinsdale Magazine where I keep local businesses informed on the latest technology. Little does my wife know, I spend a fortune on testing brand new business tech-gadgets so that all clients of Edward Technology have a chance to stay current in the professional tech-world.


What’s the story behind the creation of your business?

I have been consulting businesses for about 10 years now. During that time, I worked for three different consulting firms in the Chicago area as a lead technician. When I finally realized that my potential and computer knowledge was ready for my own company, I began my company “Edward Technology”. Working with other IT consultants, I found myself much more client friendly with greater communications skills. No matter how complicated or frustrating a support issue became, I was always able to keep the client calm and informed. After working with local chambers and opening two locations, many new clients found that having a local IT support company in their backyard was a great business partnership.

Edward Technology provides strategic IT support and consultation to small and medium businesses. Serving all of the Chicagoland area, we are your expert partner for supporting your IT problems and we cooperatively manage your network’s growth. Knowing that the computer network is the lifeblood of any business, EdTech can proactively increase up time, fix your computer issues and hunt down any infrastructure deficiencies.


What apps or services are essential to the operations of your business?

  • Sherweb: This is a fantastic Microsoft Hosted Exchange company that will synchronize all of your computers and devices emails, calendars, and contacts. (HIPAA compliant too)
  • Dropbox: Talk about having backups! Each time I change a file or folder in my Dropbox, I now have that file on 7 computers, 2 tablets and my smartphone.
  • SonicWall: These secure appliances are perfect for our healthcare/HIPAA compliant clients. These are also great for accounting and law firms for confidential client security.
  • Rhapsody: Forget the commercials and playlists of Pandora. It is worth the $9 a month from Rhapsody to pick any song you want on-demand while traveling. And boy to we travel.
  •  Go To Assist: This is our remote support service. At any time, with two clicks on our website, we can connect and immediately support your computer issues.

Which social media platforms does your business prefer to use and why?

Facebook would be the biggest. On this network, most of your friends know each other locally. Most of our business is local and is referred to us by friends and clients. If we are already connected via Facebook, why not keep our “likes” up to date with our company info and technology articles? Twitter is great for our employees. We don’t necessarily have to post, but we do like to see what is new from the tech companies we follow.

What does your business have a need for or are struggling with today that could be resolved with a tech product or service?

We are patiently waiting for the self-drive automobile. Since we do not charge any travel time, it sometimes pains us to travel an hour or so to our clients. If we could switch on autopilot during that time and safely support clients or answer emails that would be fantastic!


Lightning Round: What apps or services do you recommend to other business owners?

Biggest time-saver(s)? The smartphone. It is our complete office solution all wrapped into one! Phone, email and tiny computer.
Biggest money-saver(s)? Cloud phone systems. Hey businesses, stop paying for massive brain box systems and head to the cloud!
Favorite mobile app(s)? Waze. Go to Assist Mobile. Rhapody. Google Maps. Dropbox.
Favorite personal app(s)? Draw Something. Ride Metra. CycleFinder. Rhapsody.

How can others reach you?
Website: http://www.EdwardTechnology.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/edward-technology/products?trk=tabs_biz_product
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EdwardTechTweet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdwardTechnology
Email: Info@EdwardTechnology.com
Phone: 630.333.9323

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About The Author

Errol Janusz is the creator of Edward Technology. Edward, being his middle name, found that after 10 years of supporting small and medium businesses, it was time to startup his own IT consulting firm. Errol has completed large MS Exchange Server setups, has built hundreds of desktop computers from scratch, and has created successful business networks from the bottom up. A Microsoft Certified Professional and A+ Technician, Errol claims that although certifications are great to show off, his real life business IT experience is what makes EdTech successful. Connect with Errol on LinkedIn.