5 Good Mobile Marketing Habits For Your SMB


Stop Biting Your Nails Over Your Marketing Strategy and Take Advantage of Customers’ Addiction to Their Phones

Americans can’t get enough of their smartphones. Most likely, wherever you go, your phone goes too.

Almost 85% of Americans admitted that they couldn’t go a single day without their phone  in hand. Taking a trip to the bathroom? You probably take your phone along — and you’re not alone since 75% of Americans also bring their phone to the bathroom. It’s the perfect time knock out a level or two of Candy Crush, after all. But, the American smartphone obsession is good for more than just gaming and creating albums full of bathroom mirror selfies.

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Four out of five consumers use their smartphones to shop and 40% will comparison shop on three or more channels before deciding on a purchase, often while they’re actually out shopping. Consumers who search online for local businesses or services will act on that search within one hour.

This is all great news for small business mobile marketers, but only if you act on it. By developing good mobile marketing habits, you’ll be in a position to reach these customers in their decision-making moments.

Here are five habits you can start developing to make sure you’re always there when a customer is ready to convert.

1. Think of Mobile Marketing in Real Time

Posting on Facebook a few times a week and sending out a tweet here and there ignores the immediacy of mobile marketing. Customers are making decisions in real time when they’re out shopping. When it comes time to make a choice of what to purchase, they’re not likely to scroll through your entire Facebook feed or look back at tweets from two weeks ago.

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Take full advantage of the real-time aspect of social media and SMS. Post deals and updates at least once a day — maybe even two times per day — so that when a customer is looking for a deal, you’re right there waiting with one.

2. Be As Timely As Possible

Much like thinking of marketing in real time, it’s crucial to be as timely as you possibly can with targeted deals, promos and updates. SMS is a great way to send customers news of immediate deals and promotions. The open rate for SMS messages exceeds 99%, so it’s almost guaranteed that the customer will at least see your message.

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Once customers opt in to receiving text messages from your business, only send out the deals that are the most worthy of their time — urgent deals that require immediate action. For example, you could send out messages for flash sales, alerts of only a certain number of products left or exclusive information about new products or services.

3. Test, Test, Test

You have to know how your site looks on every mobile device out there. Pool your resources and check what your site looks like on different types of smartphones, ereaders, tablets and laptops. Check all of your social media sources, too. How does Facebook display on a tablet versus on an iPhone? Social media apps often update their design every few months.

Stay up-to-date on how your website and social media channels look by checking constantly. Be sure that no matter what changes the developers make, your site and social media channels are simple to navigate and that customers can easily find the information they need.

4. Keep Your Local Directory Pages Up-To-Date and Consistent

Check your Google Places, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp and other local directly pages on a regular basis. Be sure that your information is accurate and timely — and that your information is the same across all of your local directory pages.

5. Pay Attention To the Calendar

Keep an eye on the calendar so that you can take advantage of national holidays, unofficial holidays, noteworthy days and important local events. Have special offers for these special days and keep your customers in the loop a few days before hand, and, of course, on the day-of.

As you learn more about mobile marketing, these habits will be easier and easier to incorporate into your marketing strategy. More retailers are investing in mobile — and for good reason. Almost 20% of all web traffic is generated from mobile phones, and that number is expected to only grow and grow until it one day exceeds web traffic from desktop computers. There’s no doubt about it: the time to develop good mobile marketing habits is definitely now.

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