Get Crafty With Your Branding Strategy


Branding is more than just a smart logo with a catchy slogan. It’s personality, your customer base, and the quality of your products and services.

With the boom in successful small businesses, and the rise in indie craft shops, setting your brand apart from everyone else’s can be a bit of a challenge. Be unique but not obnoxious. Be visible but not overpowering. Be intense but not overbearing.

There are so many points to touch on for branding your business that it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. Katy Svehaug, Etsy’s content coordinator, recently published an article on Etsy’s blog about strategic branding.

Branding, especially for the microbusinesses that Etsy houses, is no small task. Svehaug breaks the strategy down in to five main touchpoints:

  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Graphics and Visuals
  • Packaging
  • Social Media/Marketing

Svehaug takes a complicated concept and boils it down into an easy-to-digest strategy map, showing the indie and SMB crafters who have established their store on Etsy just how to reel those customers in and make their mark in their industry.

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While Svehaug’s article goes in to more depth, the true meat of the article is really about connecting with your customer.

Craft-based businesses might encounter hardships more often than, say, a small accounting firm or travel agency. Why? Because the majority of craft-based businesses are founded on aesthetics rather than necessity.

This isn’t to say that a craft-base business is lesser than a business that provides services. Some craft-based businesses are strictly B2B. However, in the case of an Etsy-based craft business, chances are their sales are made because the customer has found his or her “eye-candy.”

By benefitting from catching the customer’s eye, so to speak, branding is really just taking the aesthetics a few steps further.

>>>Read more about Svehaug’s branding tips at Etsy’s blog.

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