What’s Your Story?


Your Brand is More Than Just a Logo and Advertising: It’s the Heart of Your Business

Branding: a buzzword most businesses can really get behind, yet a concept that most businesses tend to struggle with.

Branding is an art form that doesn’t require a master to execute. The foundation to building your brand is simple: know the story of your business to better connect with the customer.

Remember the five W’s you were taught in grammar school?

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why

If you can answer these five questions for your business, then you have the draft of your brand.


Who’s the face behind your business? Who are you aiming to serve?

A good brand has personality and a human touch. Your business isn’t a robot or a logo, it’s an investment and an accomplishment that you’ve poured a lot of energy in to. Your brand should reflect this and show your customers the human side of your business.


What, exactly, do you do? What sets you apart from the competition? What goals are you aiming to achieve in your industry, the market as a whole, and for the community?

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Your business has more to offer than the services or items you’re selling. Your brand should reflect and attract the community you’ve established your business in.


Where are you focusing your efforts? What part of the market do you want to settle your business? Where do you see your business in three, five, ten, twenty years?

Consumers want to see a brand that’s here to stay and how you establish that brand can make a huge difference in how well you’re able to scale your business.


Is your brand going to grow with the economy or maintain a stasis?

A lot of consumers tend to ask a lot of “when will…” questions about their favorite brands, such as “When will we see a better product?” “When will they lower their prices?” “When will they roll out that new program they’ve been talking about?”

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Associating the quality of timeliness and punctuality with your brand is key to drawing in and keeping customers, which means more profit and growth opportunities for your business.


Why did you create your business?

A broad question to answer, yes, but your answer should tap in to the above four to get to the meat of your brand.

Personification of your brand is key to survival in this economy, so having a story behind your storefront, which means being able to provide the why behind every move you make.

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Today’s consumers enjoy a good story. They want to know who’s running the businesses they shop at, where their products come from, and the meaning behind the name of your brand.

Your brand doesn’t have to be a fantastical fairytale, but it should resonate with your customers on a level deeper than consumerism.

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