Google Glass Partners With Fashion-Forward Eyewear Brands So You Won’t Look Like A Dork


In their quest to provide society with technology that can integrate smoothly into one’s social lifestyle (social meaning actual human interaction, not that Twitter fight you’re currently engaged in), Google has managed to catch the attention of a few leading fashion brands.

Google announced a partnership with Luxottica, an eyewear company that owns brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley, on Monday, March 24.

While users won’t see Glass offered on these brands tomorrow, Google notes the partnership as an opportunity to market Glass technology to a wider array of users.

“We see Glass as the next chapter in this long story. Light, simple and modular, Glass introduces new functionality as your glasses get smarter – but bringing your own style to Glass is just as important,” Google wrote in a recent post on Glass’s Google+ page.

So not only will Glass be the next smartphone, but the product will also be fashion-ready with frames and shades for chic office wear, hipster weekenders, and all outfits in between.

Paired up with Google’s expansion into Android Wear, the tech- and search-giant’s continued venture into wearable technology, the stylish options available for Glass will soon be able to pair up with multiple other accessories.

As Google moves forward with revolutionizing the technology industry, we’re likely to see more accessories than just glasses and watches.

Google is branding their wearables as technology to help users reach goals, monitor fitness, and access information when they need it most, according to Android Wear’s developer’s site.

Paired with trying to sell their product as an accessory to your lifestyle instead of the vehicle for your lifestyle, Google is faced with one heck of a marketing challenge, but as they gain partnerships with established wearable brands, such as Ray-Ban, the company is likely to see continued support and interest in their innovation adventures.

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Image courtesy of Google Glass

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