Booze Delivery Startup, Thirstie, Expands Beta Into Chicago and LA Markets


Cocktail Ingredients For Everyone (Of Legal Age)!

The New York-based booze-centric startup, Thirstie, has moved into the Chicago and LA markets.

Thirstie first announced a public beta in New York in February of 2014. The fledgling startup saw massive success after just a month: sky-high sales and at 50% user return rate—phenomenal stats for such a young company.

Thirstie tags themselves as bringing convenience to the (legal aged) people by eliminating the arduous tasks of having to find a liquor store, waiting in an impossibly long line, and then having to lug your purchase(s) up three flights of stairs (or even one stair).

Via their app, Thirstie partners with local merchants and pulls their inventory into their app. Customers can browse, purchase, and imbibe in the same hour, thanks to Thirstie’s delivery service.

But accessibility isn’t all this startup is offering. Thirstie also regularly updates their blog with cocktail recipes, making for a savvy marketing move: Attract thirsty customer. Entice with delicious drink recipes and speedy delivery service. Direct to app so customer can order supplies and execute recipe. Score a happy customer. Rinse, repeat.

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Image: Thirstie

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