Who’s At EETN This Year?


Niblitz is producing their third Everywhere Else conference this week in Memphis, Tennessee from April 30th to May 2nd.

Everywhere Else Tennessee is a conference for startups who exist everywhere else outside of the main-stage startup cities and helps foster more exposure, more networking, and more learning opportunities for entrepreneurs.

EE Tennessee will be hosting a series of talks and panels from successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Featuring entrepreneurs such as Jim McKelvey of Square, Nicole Glaros of Techstars, and Ben Yoskovitz, co-author of Lean Analytics, the conference has a well-stocked schedule, complete with coffee breaks (!!), for attendees.

Here’s a quick look at who will be at EE Tennessee’s Startup Ave this week:

Bourboun and Boots is an Arkansas-HQ’d online store featuring high-quality, stylish American-made items for their shop. Founded by a bunch of southerners (and one Yankee, according to their site, but it sounds like they like him), the shop thrives off of approved vendors and providing a “breath of fresh air in the online shopping world.”

Cariloop is a Texas-based service that’s working on bridging the gap between senior care service providers and their customers. Cariloop is working on innovating the branding and exposure process for the senior care industry by removing the hassle of travelling to prospective care sites and providing a matching service online.

BrandFolder is based out of Denver, CO and recently graduated from the Boulder Techstars community. BrandFolder provides businesses with a one-stop-dashboard for their brand. Need to collaborate, store, or access? BrandFolder keeps all of your stuff in one place.

Kindful is the data nerd for your fundraising campaign. Based out of Nashville, TN, Kindful manages your donor data, from email list management to stats, and funnels it all into an easy-to-use dashboard for your business. They even work with other third-party tools to make your life easier.

MentorMe is digital solution for mentorship programs and prospective mentees. Based out of Memphis, TN, MentorMe “takes an ‘eHarmony’ approach to mentor matching” while helping mentorship programs manage their day-to-day ops. MentorMe provides a matching algorithm to pair up mentors with mentees, promoting the service as a way to create better and longer-lasting relationships between people.

OverDog is connects professional athletes and fans who love gaming through their mobile app, Xbox, and Playstation. Founded by NFL-vet Hunter Hillenmeyer, this Nashville, TN, HQ’d startup has been happily fostering the competitive gaming community since June 2012. Fans can create a roster of their favorite players and athletes, send  and receive challenges, and participate with other fans via OverDog’s online community.

ScrewPulp is an online self-publishing platform startup in Memphis, TN, made especially for independent authors. Seeking to disrupt the publishing industry and provide both a market and provide access to readership through their publishing process, ScrewPulp is an alternative for writers of all genres. ScrewPulp allows authors to retain 100% of the rights to their work and 75% of the profits from book sales.

SoGood, based out of Charlotte, NC, is a mobile app that combines big data with social sharing for women. The app is currently services Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, and Charlottesville, VA. Connecting users with taste recommendations for a variety of local services, SoGood makes it easier for you to find just what you want with the simplicity of social sharing.

WannaDo is a mobile app for people who want something to do… but aren’t sure what to do. Based out of and currently only serving Nashville, TN, WannaDo provides a list of activities and events available nearby. You can even customize the list to filter out events that you’re too cool for. WannaDo connects people within their community through their social strategy—you can see what your friends are up to, what your favorite businesses are doing, and waste less time trying to figure out how to entertain yourself.

Musistic, hailing from Memphis, TN,has created a collaborative tool for musicians, by musicians. Instead of trying to manually convert different file types, meeting up in person, or waiting for someone to send you a usable piece of data, Musistic integrates with almost any digital audio recording platform, meaning you can create sweet tunes with your band even if you’re not in the same room (or garage).

WeddingWorthy is a brand-new startup in Tennessee that tames the hassle of shopping for your wedding by bringing the items you need into one online shop. From dresses to shoes to venues, WeddingWorthy is creating a shopping database for all of those wedding items.

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