TechStars Chicago Announces Summer 2014 Class


TechStars Chicago announced their Summer 2014 Chicago class yesterday.

Made up of 10 startups, 6 of which were born in Chicago, the program will be hosted out of 1871, located in the Merchandise Mart downtown.

“The incoming class features a unique makeup. More than half of the companies are Chicago-based, which doubles the amount of local representation we had last year and is a testament to the power Techstars has to further establish a city like Chicago as a destination for tech startups,” Troy Henikoff, managing director of the Chicago division, wrote in the accelerator’s blog.

TechStars provides seed funding, mentorship, and an extensive network of alumni and cohorts for a small percentage of the participant’s equity.

The tech accelerator boasts a high success and acquisition rate for companies who make it through the rigorous experience.

Here’s a brief look at who will be putting the pedal to the metal this year:

  • Clutch Prep (Miami, FL) provides online study strategies and tutoring assistance to help college students improve their grades.
  • Data Everywhere (Chicago) provides a real-time, secure cloud service to improve data sharing across spreadsheets.
  • GameWisp (Nashville) helps gamers monetize and market their video content, which makes up a large portion of YouTube.
  • inRentive Listings (Chicago) is simplifying market analysis, marketing services, and content management for realtors.
  • MartMobi Technologies (India) speeds up the transition to mobile applications for ecommerce businesses.
  • NexLP (Chicago) aims to reduce the costs and hassle of big data discovery, management and security, and analytics.
  • Package Zen (Chicago) streamlines the process of package and delivery receiving for businesses and buildings.
  • Telnyx (Chicago) provides scalable telecom services at lower prices applying innovative solutions to the current industry.
  • WeDeliver (Chicago) makes same-day delivery accessible and affordable for local businesses.
  • yRuler (Israel) provides ecommerce companies and retailers with tools that enable their customers to virtually engage with and try on merchandise before they purchase it.

Image: TechStars


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