Likeable Local Raising $500k to Help Small Businesses with Social Media


Dave Kerpen, Founder and CEO, is used to doing big things. After getting married to his wife Carrie Kerpen in a corporate sponsored wedding in front of thousands of fans in a baseball stadium, the power couple launched their own word of mouth agency at the urging of their corporate sponsors. Several years later, the two scaled the business, Likeable Media, into one of the hottest social media marketing agencies in the U.S., hitting the Inc. 500 list twice.

Even though his company was thriving, Dave always had a passion for the small businesses that couldn’t afford their services (the same passion we share here at Firmology!), so he decided to make it his mission to help them. He first wrote a book, Likeable Social Media, which hit the NYTimes Bestsellers list and is the best-selling social media book of all time. He also stepped down as CEO of Likeable Media, as his wife Carrie took over, and spun himself off to created a tech startup called Likeable Local.

likeable_local_General_LogoCalling itself the Buddy Media for SMBs, Likeable Local is a software solution that helps small businesses manage their social media presence. Once a small business signs up, the Likeble Local team creates a strong and well-branded presence on each social channel including Facebook, Twitter, & Google+. Once that’s in place, they suggest content and images to help engage new and existing customers. Additionally, Likeable Local helps small businesses with their social advertising campaigns, apps and mobile website, and analytics.


A year after launching, Likeable Local has 625 paying customers, 8,000 users of our storytellit app, and a $1.5 million revenue run rate for 2014. Now, per Dave’s preferred method of making a splash with everything he does, he’s trying to raise $500k on AngelList to turbocharge Likeable Local’s goal of helping 1 million small businesses grow using social media. The startup is funded by an investor team led by Boston Red Sox partner Tom Dibenedetto & startup investor Dave McClure of 500 Startups, but is looking for more capital to scale its growth ahead of a planned $4M Series A fundraising round at a $12-15M valuation at the end of the year.

Image: Likeable Local

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