Boozy Lifestyle App Brings the Liquor To Your Door


No Heavy Lifting or Long Walk Back From the Store Required

Drizly, a growing mobile app connecting liquor stores to their customers, was inspired by the question, “Why isn’t alcohol delivered?”

Boasting over 3000 items in their online store and the only app of its kind to be recognized by state liquor authorities, Drizly is currently available in LA, NYC, Boston, Brooklyn, and Chicago.

While Drizly isn’t the first of its kind to marry technology and booze, they do have forensic ID verification, a proprietary technology that helps them ensure the most responsible delivery of products.

The mobile lifestyle app has raised over $2 million in seed funding through angel and institutional investors.

“The fact that alcohol wasn’t deliverable was symptomatic of a larger issue: the lack of modernization and efficiency in entrenched, regulated industries like alcohol,” a Drizly spokesperson said. “The alcohol industry hasn’t yet exploited technology to shorten the distance to the consumer.”

And shorten the distance they have: Drizly promises to have your booze at your doorstep in 30-40 minutes after you order.

While Drizly currently doesn’t employ the delivery drivers (the liquor stores handle that), the company posits that it might be a possibility in the future, pending compliance with local and federal distribution laws.

For now, Drizly works off of the model that works today: a third party matchmaker, pairing customers with what they want.

Drizly even posts cocktails and drink recipes on their blog to make sure you’re not left with a full bottle and no ideas after the delivery.

Image: Drizly on Facebook


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