Yelp Is #1 Review Site Consumers Use to Find Local Businesses [NIELSEN STUDY]

According to a recent survey by Nielsen, Yelp is the #1 review site that consumers use to search for local businesses. The study, which was commissioned by Yelp, contained some interesting findings including:

  • 78% of consumers find local businesses through review sites
  • 85% make a purchase within a week of visiting a review site
  • 27% make a purchase within a day of visiting a review site

Of course, the study also contained some pro-Yelp survey results, so feel free to take them with a grain of salt.

Out of all online review sites consumers use to find businesses, Yelp is the #1 site they frequent and find it to be most trustyworthy, most influential, and best quality.

  1. Yelp: 44%
  2. Tripadvisor: 12%
  3. Angie’s List: 8%
  4. Citysearch: 6%
  5. 4%

FIRMOLOGY READERS: What are your thoughts on Yelp and online reviews of local businesses? Do you agree or disagree with the study findings?


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